Tudor dress

of the Italian late Renaissance

Period: 1st half of the 16th century, Italy

This Tudor dress from the Italian late Renaissance was made from a green silk taffeta after the painting ‘Portrait of a Lady’ by Peter de Kempeneer (formerly attributed to Parmegianino).
The geometric arrangement of the old gold trimming bands creates both austerity and splendour. The neckline curve of the stiffened bodice is slightly raised towards the centre, which is characteristic of Tudor fashion. The Spanish influence is unmistakable.

The sleeves - heavily puffed at the top - end with a cuff at the wrist. The dress is fastened at the back with concealed lacing. The skirt is pleated in many small folds and is given its rounded shape by a hip roll, which in this case also slightly emphasises the stomach.

A beret made of black velvet with eggshell and brown colour.

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