Tudor costume for men

consisting of doublet, 'trunk hose' and beret

Period: 1574, Italy

This Tudor costume for men, consisting of a doublet with trunkhose worn by Cosimo I de' Medici in 1574, the year of his death, was modelled on an original 16th century cut from the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.
The heavily stiffened doublet is made of black silk damask. The high collar that widens at the back, the button placket that reaches under the chin with its conically shaped old gold buttons and the strict lines of the trimming all contribute to the noblesse and elegance of the appearance.

The trunkhose, also made of black silk damask, are trimmed with bands of black silk taffeta, which in turn is trimmed with old gold bands. The pubic capsule is indispensable for these trousers. The pubic capsule and the trousers as a whole are attached to the doublet using handmade eyelets.
The fine linen shirt is also based on an original cut. The collar and cuffs are trimmed with hand-made antique lace in the 16th century style.

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