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Two day dresses

of the "Titanic Era"

Period: around 1912 

The high-raised waists, the multi-tiered skirts and the filmy materials are distinctive stylistic characteristics of the Belle Époque. 

An original blouse made of delicate muslin and of very good condition was worked into the striped cotton dress. High collars decorated with lace were common during this epoch until 1913. Bodice skirts were a famous part of daywear, often worn in multiple layers, and usually featured a boned top. Our three-tiered bodice is based upon an original cut. Popular during that time were adornments with buttons and upside-down ribbons. 

The flowered dress made from cotton batiste is worn with a ruffled skirt, which is accentuated through satin edging and flower bouquets. This theme is again repeated by the high-raised belt. A tenuous blouse made of tulle lace is worn underneath the draped top.

Fitting in perfectly, we made two straw hats with flowers, feathers and tulle bow.

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