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Silk robe

with cuirass waist

Period: around 1880

This dress with wasp waist was crafted for the Living History event 'Der Kaiser kommt' [The Emporer's visit], more precisely for the actress of the Empress Augusta. 

During design and documentation step we quickly settled for an expressive, i.e. broad striped, silk fabric. 

Striped patterns of all widths – by all means sometimes also broader than the used pattern here ¬– were very in vogue back then. On the one hand they emphasized the cut in a very interesting way. On the other hand they lend vibrancy and elegance without too much garnish. All pieces of this dress were crafted after original cuts. The skirt can be worn with both a day and evening top as it was customary for bustle and wasp waist fashion. 

Similarly we refrained from using too much garnish for the evening dress. Furthermore we ornamented the square neckline, distinctive of this epoch, and the ruffs of the 3/4 length sleeves with original tulle lace of the late 19th century.
The evening dress also comes with a button-on train.

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