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Three children dresses

Period: 1860s

The dolls museum Fischach ordered three more children's dresses. The results can be seen here:

Again these three children's dresses were precisely coordinated with the previously designed clothing of the group.
Cotton muslin – in this case with little dots woven into it – was a very popular material during the 19th century and was already used in Regency fashion. We colored this fabric in a delicate pastel green. At that time it was very common in ladies' fashion to apply three tiers of flounces to the overall wide skirt. Its width was due to additionally stiffened under skirts. 
This dress was crafted from sheer cotton voile, embroidered with light blue flower arrangements and flower appliqués. It is based upon an original cut from the year 1869.
The material of the third dress is a checkered hand-woven blue silk. Its vibrancy is achieved through frequent changes between different cutting angles, a technique that is particularly used with checkered patterns. 

Just like the rest of the ensemble these three dresses include lace trimmed cotton underpants, which are however not visible in the pictures. 

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