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Men's robe

after the painting "Marguerite de Valois avec son frère Hercule Francois".

Period: around 1590, France 

This commissioned work for historical dance is based upon a picture of the French School of painting art. 
We designed doublet and trousers from precious lampas fabric, which has been woven based on original patterns from the 16th century. The resulting pointed, oval fabric is found in vast number of varieties from the early 16th to the first half of the 17th century. 
The large vertical pattern repeat is very typical.
The strengthened doublet has been equipped with a peplum. While most men in Europe during the 16th century wore codpieces with their trousers, this fashion was quite uncommon in France. 
There are two doublets: a second, heavily stiffened is worn on top of the first one. Corresponding to the painting we designed it with worked-in slashes at the front and at the back. 
A short velvet cape complements the ensemble; those were popular representatives of Spanish fashion at the end of the 16th century.  Optionally this Tudor suit can also be worn with a small neck ruff.
The entire suit creation is based on original cuts of the late 16th century.

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