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Men - Tudor costume

for reenactment

Period: second half of the 16th century, England 

We designed this Tudor suit based upon original cuts from sage silk, which we embroidered geometrically with grey braid in accordance with paintings from this epoch. The overall ensemble was designed rather modest, but is still noble due to its nuanced coloration. The stiffened doublet features the common waist-tabs, the decorative wings above the slender sleeves, and the button border with antique-silver, conic buttons. 

The Venetian hose – a kind of trouser during the 16th century, which originates from Venice, was mostly worn in France and sporadically also elsewhere in Europe – is only of modest width and has absolutely no codpiece.

The shirt crafted from fine linen is based upon an original cut and is ornamented with antique lace at collar and cuffs. 
A beret made of anthracite-colored velvet with feather edging completes the suit. 

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