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Doublet and 'trunk hose'

after an original by Cosimo I de' Medici

Period: 1574, Italy 

This doublet and hose (trousers), which in this style were worn by Cosimo I. de' Medici during the year of his death (1574), were designed based on an original cut from the Palazzo Pitti, Florence.
The heavily stiffened doublet was made of black silk damask. For the most part the noble and elegant appearance is due to the high, back-broadening collar; the button border with its conic antique-golden buttons, which go all the way up to the chin; and the rigorous lines of the edging. 
The trunk hose itself, made of black silk damask, was ornamented with ribbons of black silk taffeta, which themselves were decorated with antique-golden ribbons. The codpiece, indispensable for the kind and shape of these trousers, was recreated meticulously. Using the hand-made eyelets the hose and the codpiece in their entirety are laced on to the doublet.
Likewise the shirt of fine linen is also based on an original cut. Collar and cuffs are ornamented with handmade, antique lacing of the distinct form of the 16th century.
A beret made of black velvet, ornamented with ecru- and brown-dyed ostrich feathers, completes the suit.

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