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Matthäus Schwarz

Renaissance garment

Period: 1534, Germany


For the special exhibition "Dressed for Success" (opening planned for 1st quarter 2021), we reconstructed a robe by Matthäus Schwarz from his "Klaidungsbuechlin" for the Maximilian Museum Augsburg.  Matthäus Schwarz worked as a chief accountant for Jacob Fugger. His great passion was dresses, which he had made for himself in ever new variations, always extravagant, aesthetically sophisticated and expensive.In 1520, at the age of 23, he began to have himself painted in his latest creations, each dated.  The depictions end in 1560, resulting in a thick booklet, a unique document of the costume history of the German Renaissance.


We chose a costume from 1534, which shows him in a red silk robe. The damask shows the typical Renaissance pomegranate motif. The top is slightly padded, the wide upper sleeves are joined by narrow lower sleeves. The trouser has a moderate width; it is clearly visible attached to the upper part and contain the obligatory codpiece. The bands of the trousers have a crescent moon edge at the sides.

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