Men's Tudor costume

made from grey-green silk

Period: 2nd half of the 16th century, England

This men's Tudor costume, consisting of a doublet and Venetian trousers, was made from a grey-green silk according to original cuts, which was geometrically trimmed with grey braid based on 16th century paintings.
The costume as a whole is rather simple, with a nuanced colour scheme. The stiffened doublet has cuffs over narrow sleeves and a button placket with old silver, conically shaped buttons.

The Venetian trousers - a 16th century trouser style that originated in Venice and was mainly worn in France and occasionally in other European countries - are only moderately wide and generally have no pubic capsule.

The shirt is made from fine linen according to an original cut and is trimmed with antique lace on the collar and cuffs. The Tudor costume comes with an anthracite-coloured velvet beret with feather trim.

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