Two Directoire costumes

Schinderhannes and his wife Julchen

Period: 1802, Germany

The two Directoire costumes for Johannes Bückler, alias Schinderhannes, and his wife Juliane Bläsius were created for the permanent exhibition in the Hunsrück Museum.
The design of the clothes is based on contemporary depictions.

It is the period around 1800, the Directoire in terms of costume history, the transitional period from Rococo to Empire. Bückler wore the culotte with waistcoat and jacket as well as long trousers with a camisole, a waistcoat with sleeves, in the colour light blue according to the description.

The realisation of Julchen's clothing is closely based on a painting in which she can be seen with her newborn son. The fabric pattern for the skirt and bonnet is a replica from around 1800: stripes interspersed with small bouquets of flowers in the colours blue and white.

The clothing, which is unusually good for a pair of robbers, is based on authentic patterns.

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