Cocoon Evening - Coat

from a rare original fabric of the 1910s

Time: ca. 1912, France

This very elegant and timeless cocoon coat is made from a rare original fabric from the 1910s; a very well-preserved black silk moiré with an interwoven floral pattern. It is lined with a black silk fabric with a heavy drape, so that the sophisticated drape of the pleats at the back is shown to its best advantage.
The fastening is an original embroidery from the late 17th century, consisting of metal threads in various shades of gold, which is surprisingly well preserved for being more than 300 years old. The Haute Couture of the late Belle Epoque favoured the use of antique materials - lace and embroidery.
The already very picturesque cocoon coats of the 1910s often had large extravagant fastenings to enhance the decorative effect.

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