Three children dresses

from the 19th century

Period: 1860s

The first children's dress, whose pattern dates back to an original from 1869, is made from a simple checked cotton print.
From the middle of the 19th century until the late 1860s, all kinds of chequered patterns began to enjoy great popularity. Smooth at the front, the dress gets its width from the pleated skirt at the back.

A cream-coloured cotton batiste embroidered in delicate pastel colours echoes the colours of the women's and children's dresses in the ensemble in a new pattern on the second children's dress. The flounces on the collar, sleeves and hem, edged in delicate French lace from the late 19th century, emphasise the fragrance of the material.
It is impossible to imagine fashion in the second half of the 19th century without not only chequered but also striped patterns, as they naturally emphasise the often very sophisticated cut.

The third children's dress was made from a blue-grey striped cotton fabric. The apron is made of an antique, delicately embroidered tulle fabric from the turn of the century.
Each of the three dresses comes with three long cotton pants with cotton lace trim.

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