Baroque gown

for the Museum Langenfeld

Period: 1670, Netherlands

The baroque gown made of heavy silk shown here was commissioned by the Langenfeld Museum.

Following the discovery of a skull in 1964, which pointed to the execution of a woman in the second half of the 17th century, renowned scientists have investigated the case over the past decades. Remains of fabric were also found during the excavations: 8-bond bluish satin fabric and gold braid with metal threads. This allowed conclusions to be drawn about the status of the wearer.
A dress that the lady might have worn was commissioned for the permanent exhibition.

The cut of this baroque gown is based on an original cut from the Netherlands around 1670. The material is made of 5-strand light blue silk satin.
The lady wears a fine linen shirt under the dress. The bonnet matching the Baroque dress is a so-called ‘winged bonnet’, which was worn by all classes in the Netherlands, but varied greatly in material.

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