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Three justaucorps

for the Leopold Mozart Museum

Period: around 1735, 1750 and 1765

For the 300th birthday of Leopold Mozart in 2019, we created - as a commissioned work for the Leopold Mozart Museum Augsburg - these three men's suits of the 18th century.
The exhibition concept is to use these garments and the figurines we have designed to show Leopold's social rise and make it tangible to the senses.

The first suit, made of brown-grey woolen fabric, shows the poor origins of Leopold from his Augsburg parental home. We had the suit patinated, it was patched in several places, the fabric is artificially worn, it has a deliberately bad fit.

The second suit, made of black woolen cloth, represents the time when Leopold worked as an employee of the archbishop in Salzburg. This livery is one size fits all, also deliberately not a good fit.

The third suit shows Leopold as a citizen of the world. He also gained fame and reputation thanks to his son Wolfgang Amadeus. Our design is based on the painting by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni from 1765. We chose heavy silk atlas for the realization and had it embroidered by hand.

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