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Tudor dress

after the painting 'Portrait of a Lady' by Peter de Kempeneer

Period: first half of the 16th century, Italy

We crafted this dress of the late Italian Renaissance from green silk taffeta based upon a painting by de Kempeneer (which was formerly associated with Parmigianino). The geometric arrangement of the antique-golden facing ribbons creates a rigor and splendor appearance. The décolletage of the stiffened bodices is slightly raised at the center, a common characteristic of Tudor dresses. Overall, the Spanish influence can no longer be denied.

The sleeves – very puffy at the top – are tabbed at the wrists. The dress is laced at the back, which is carefully hidden from sight. All eyelets are made by hand. The skirt has many small pleats and owes its round shape to a hip roll, which in this case also slightly emphasizes the belly.

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